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January 13 • proud of myself!

Helloooooooo, my friends!

I feel good and settled at my University and am loving it! Even though we are thirteen days into the new year, and I have written two essays today, I wanted to pat myself on the back for my 2018 reading challenge.

As my longtime readers know, I keep up with my books on Goodreads. My goal for 2018 was 40 books. It seemed like a doable and ambitious number for me all at once. I am sure other readers can relate that there seems to be less and less time to read. WELL, I kicked that excuse in the butt last year! Not only did I reach my goal of 40 books, but I surpassed it by reading 56 books!

My top three were: Poser: My Life in Twenty Three Yoga Poses – Claire Dederer

The Winternight Trilogy – Katherine Arden

Outlander – Diana Gabaldon

My bottom three were: Mary Poppins – P. L. Travers

I Remember Nothing – Nora Ephron

Modern Romance – Aziz Ansari

There you go! My goal for 2019 is 20 books… Yeah, I halved my last goal. I tried to cut myself some slack since I am expecting to face some big changes this year! While the challenge was fun to race and try to beat, I want this year to be more relaxed. Plus, I am already spending all of my reading time doing homework and reading textbooks.

I hope to see your new goals on Goodreads!

Thanks for reading.



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January 8 • the big move

Hello, readers! I hope that you all had a happy holiday season. ☺

I am officially moved into my new University as of yesterday. Even though it is only my second day and classes have yet to begin, I am already in love with college life. Before my move, I had lived in my parent’s house since birth! Now, I have my own space in a new city. I love not having to check about every little thing that I do.

My campus consists of hills and staircases. At the end of yesterday, after walking around obtaining permits, a mail box, and a parking pass, I had 57 staircases. This is a good thing for me. I was dreading the stereotypical lifestyle of a college student that doesn’t move for days. Needless to say, I am having no trouble with being inactive. Despite my exhaustion, I pushed and went to the gym for about thirty minutes just to check it out.

Today, I met my roommate. She is incredibly nice and willing to help me. I am grateful that we were put together. I was worried about getting someone snooty, haha.

I have already planned for Yoga classes that I want to take and movie nights that I want to attend.

All in all, life is good. I do miss my home, but not enough to be that upset.

I just wanted to post a tiny update before class chaos begins tomorrow. I am eager to catch up on all of your posts!

Thanks for reading!


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December 20 • thank you and happy holidays

Hello, again my friends.

Before the holiday events, visiting family, and moving to University madness begins, I wanted to write an appreciation post. (Unless I schedule a few posts, I do not see myself writing until after early January.)

As I have mentioned, I began this blog in the summer of 2016 as a way to put my thoughts out into the universe. I honestly wanted a space in which I could write whatever I wished, but would remain private from my peers around me.

A few years later, thanks to WordPress, I have made friends and read so many amazing posts written by you guys. I also believe that my writing has changed over the course of my hundreds of posts…hopefully for the better.

With all of that being said, THANK YOU!!!! I appreciate every single view, like, and comment. The tiniest bit of feedback helps me to hold onto the fact that there are other people like myself using WP as an outlet when life becomes too much.

I also want to say THANK YOU for your posts. Every single day, I am excited to look through my “Reader” sections and devour all of the personal posts, movie reviews, book reviews, etc… My favorites know who they are. I am a commenter. Haha!

Thank you so much for reading and have a Happy Holidays. 


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December 17 • a little nervous

Hello, readers.

I have been a bundle of nerves over these past couple of days. It is Christmas Function Season within the family and phew… I have only been to one and I need a vacation.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the gatherings and holiday spirit as much as the next person. BUT these get-togethers take a lot of energy. I have to muster enough smile and peppy juice to appear human on top of working like a dog for each event.

Yesterday, I was so busy and sweating through my holiday sweater that I can’t even remember what I ate at the feast. Sighs…

It struck me yesterday when my mom counted up the few days I have until I move to Uni… I am beyond nervous now. I am excited, yes, but scared.

I don’t worry about the classes or schedule…its the friends part of it.

As an introverted loner, I am already considered a “bad friend” by normal standards. I prefer to spend the majority of my time alone, but that doesn’t mean that I do not want friends. Every person that I talk to, blog posts I read, YouTube videos that I watch all say that Uni is a miserable place for at least a year as far as friendships go. I am moving to a place in which I don’t know anyone. I always envied people who got to do that as I live in a small town where everyone knows one another, but now I am worried.

I do not want to complain throughout the entire post, but my mind has been weighed down pretty heavily.

I know that it will more likely than not “be alright,” but I am shaking in my boots.

Thanks for reading.




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December 15 • Expectation vs Reality


It is dark and snowy outside in the forest surrounding my tiny, cozy cottage. While my cookies (snickerdoodle) are in the oven, I am lighting the tall traditional candles placed in each window. Later, I will enjoy the cookies in front of a woodburning fireplace while reading “The Winter of the Witch,” by Katherine Arden. Finally, I will sleep in my comfy bed until my natural rising time the next morning.


It is dark and cold outsides in the fields and woods around my house. While my eyes are burning from exhaustion, I am trying to reach my phone charger without getting out of bed. Later, I will regret not being able to sleep until two from lack of schedule while powering through a boring science book to appease my Goodreads account. Finally, I will not be able to hold my head up and I will settle into bed…ten minutes later as I am drifting off, I will have to leave warmth to pee for the thousandth time. Five hours later, I will attempt to rise at a reasonable hour by an alarm. I will then cut it off and waste precious morning hours having weird reoccurring dreams about natural disasters.



Hello! A little chat to say that despite my dramatic reality, I do have a good life and enjoy almost every day. I do, however, daydream about the expectation above pretty regularly. I thought it would be fun to put my silly thoughts into words and have fun with it! I would love to read your Expectation vs Reality concepts!

Thanks for reading.


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December 14 • a pleasant day

Dear readers, thank you so much for the likes and comments on my last few posts.

The past few weeks have worn me down emotionally… Nothing bad has happened, thank goodness. Just the regular small frustrations that grow heavier and heavier.

Thankfully, I was able to see my friend. ♥

We sat in a beautiful coffeehouse for two hours venting back and forth to one another. Once, in the midst of madness, I began to laugh at how one of us would hardly finish before the other threw their words into the mix. We were going on about two separate arguments at the same time. Needless to say, I felt almost completely better once we left.

I was surprised at how many emotions and feelings that I went through as we chatted from one topic to the next. I laughed, sometimes I was suffocating under stress, our voices shook. Boy, what a whirlwind. (I don’t blame the couple given concerned/annoyed stares from the table over.)

After going through weeks worth of frustration and agreeing that it takes hard work and time to fix some issues, we milled around in the newer shops on the street. Gourmet Dill Pickel Popcorn is not my cup of tea…at all. I couldn’t even muster an “its okay” in front of the employee.

Seeing as how we had hours left in our day, I suggested we visit a place that we hadn’t been to yet. That is how we ended up at  Ave Maria Grotto. We toured a pathed forest filled with massive and detailed sculptures of various holy scenes all built by a Benedictine Monk throughout his lifetime. I was amazed at the large-scale work and time that it took to create the religious works. More fascinating to me was learning about the different religious beliefs.

I have grown up closely among religion and have always found it interesting. People actually believing in and worshipping mightier powers sounds like a story. (Now wishing that I had taken at least one religion class…)

I will insert a couple of pictures below! On our tour, which only took about thirty minutes to an hour, we had the pleasure of meeting an out of state couple. They were enamored with the artistry and quizzed us about the area in which we lived.

Later in the afternoon, my friend and I took a long drive through the historic district gushing over victorian houses and telling stories.

My day was not major or filled with crazy amounts of excitement, but it was exactly what I needed. Based on our call this evening, I think it was what my friend needed as well. ☺

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Thanks for reading.


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December 12 • Naivety at your service

Hello, friends! As you may have read in my updates post a few days back, I turned twenty in November. Now in my jaded and wisened age, I wanted to talk about an obvious surprised that smacked me in the face this year.

Despite having heard it all of my life from more than one person, I learned that people lie!? Thankfully, I did not fall into some silly dramatic mishap that plagues humanity, but the clear understanding that I encounter others weekly who lie with ease shocked me.

As you may have gathered, I do not lie. Ah ha, you caught me! That was a lie… I truly try my best to never lie. I was raised within an honest household. That sounds dumb and like a “yeah right” should follow it, but it is the truth!

After thinking this over for months (!), I don’t exactly know how to feel. I have always been a little too trusting anyway, now how should I expect to interact with a potential liar?

I know that this sounds silly, but it was not something that I expected to truly exist in the “real world.” I guess deep down, I thought my guardians were wrong and judgmental…now, I realize that I have been running on pure naivety.

If you have any words on this subject, please let me know. I would love to talk about it with someone other than my parents who might possibly give me an “I told you so.”

Thanks for reading